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The visual|catalogues viewer  is intended to provide an easy method of accessing and viewing any number of records from one web page / interface.

Start up mode

start screen


1.Treeview. 2. Catalogue/Category Thumbnails 3. Catalogue/Category Information. 4. Image of thumbnail selected in 2. 5. View Mode Button. 6. catalogue/ category descritive information. 7. View All Button. 8. Image Size slider. 9. Records Thumbnail Panel. 10. Search field. 

General Description.
In the left panel is the Treeview showing the category structure of the catalogue.
The upper two panels on the right display information (if any have been added) about the catalogue or a category selected in the Treeview.
The top panel contains thumbnails representing attached files about the catalogue or category. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image or view the document.
The panel below displays the records in the catalogue or selected category (whichever is selected).

To Change Screen Layout
select catalogue mode
Select  one of these three radio buttons (5) on the top bar to change the view onto the catalogue. Select the left hand button to view information about both the catalogue and category records.
Select the middle button to view just information about the catalogue. Select the right hand button to view just the  category records.  Note: At catalogue level this requires you to also click the View All button.

The vertical and horizontal borders between panels can also be moved by dragging with the mouse to resize the panels. Click the Reset button resetto return the screen to its default layout.

Viewing Information about the Catalogue or a Category
Descriptive information (if any has been added)about the catalogue or category (whichever is selected) is displayed in these panels (2, 3).  The larger image (4) in the dark grey panel represents the catalogue or category. Other images and attachments about the catalogue (if any have been added) are in the scroll list in the bar above (2). Click on a thumbnail to view an image.  Double click the large image to open full size or click the view large button.  Category information is displayed the same way.

Viewing Records.
To view records in a category select the category.  To view records in a category and all sub-categories click the View All button.
Click the View All button clcik oto view allto display records in the currently selected category and all sub-categories.

Double click a thumbnail of a record to view detailed information about it.

To view records as thumbnail images click the Thumbnail view button  display as thumbnails
To view records as a table click the Table view button records in table view

Treeview Display Modes

Click the 1st button  categories only to show only categories in the left hand panel.
Click the 2nd button categories and recordsto show Categories and records in the left hand panel.
Click the 3rd button contract displayto contract the display, (of either categories or categories and records).
Click the 4th button expand displayto expand the display (of either categories or categories and records)

Category Records Panel - 2 & 3 panel mode
Double click a thumbnail (9) of a record to see a larger view along with futher information and all attachments such as multiple images, movies or documents that make up the record. 
Select between a two panel and three panel mode using the panel selection control buttons.viewer_2_or_3_panel _mode.jpg
category records view
Records panel - 3 panel mode

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