Visual|catalogues is a software publishing system. From a single data source it allows you to create and publish a catalog to a web site, a CD-rom, CD Business Card or a network, which is:

  • visual
  • unlimited in numbers of entries
  • database driven
  • platform independent
  • modular
  • scaleable and multi-user
  • searchable

For business or home, visual|catalogs is suitable for organising, documenting, managing, updating, retrieving, and presenting small, large or combined searchable catalog collections, such as

  • manufacturers product catalogs
  • image, photo or movie collections
  • museum artefacts & collections
  • painting, sculptures and antiques
  • 2D and 3D CAD and virtual catalogs
  • multiple catalog collections of all types held in many source locations

Visual|Catalogs was developed to allow anyone to create and share structured high quality content and information resources, over the Internet or on CD, at minimal cost.


Click on an image below to view some of the different kinds of catalogs and catalog collections that can be created using the system.

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