I have built and uploaded my catalogue to my site but when I run the viewer from the site the catalogue has not been updated. What is going on?

We had this problem in house - it caused us no end of grief. Then we found that Our proxy server was caching all pages and not giving us the latest information. We run a Linux Ubuntu server with Squid Proxy. The answer is to turn off the Proxy caching option or clean and rebuild the cache.

I am are running your Java Applet and it runs really slowly. Why?

If you are running Firefox and are behind a proxy, go to the Java Control Panel / Network Settings. Take out Use Browser settings and select use proxy server and fill in the details. We are not sure why this works but it is not to do with our software (it happens with any Java applet) and we think is a bug in Firefox, which we have reported. Also you might also want to check in Control Panel/Java Control panel, and clear all temporary Internet Files, because by default up to 1 GB of files are held there which can cause slow down load when dealing with small files.

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